Press Release
For Immediate Release
February 14, 2012

Madhouse - China’s leading Mobile Ad Network Launches in India

Madhouse India is dedicated to provide brands, advertising agencies and other marketers with the best and the most comprehensive mobile marketing services
In response to the huge requirement for end-to-end mobile solutions in India, Madhouse plans to open offices across 3 cities to service brands across the spectrum

Mumbai, February 14, 2012 - Madhouse, China’s leading Mobile Ad Network, today launched operations in India to capitalize on the ever increasing demand for customized mobile marketing solutions. Madhouse is the leading and most established mobile ad network and mobile marketing solutions provider in China and has worked closely with over 120 clients – such as HP, Intel, Coke, KFC, Unilever, VW and agency groups including GroupM, Vivaki, Aegis, OMG and their associated agencies.

Madhouse India aims to leverage the opportunity of using mobile as a mass media device given that there are more than 850 million mobile connections in the country. Current barriers to mobile marketing include the dearth of scaled solutions in Data, Voice and Text; harmonizing the different operating systems with multiple stake holders across mobile inventory; and lack of established tools and systems, which makes it difficult to answer the question of how this medium can be leveraged by advertisers to reach out to their consumers.

Madhouse India hopes to address this through unique and innovative services. Clients can look forward to complete mobile solutions across the spectrum of paid, owned and earned media on feature phones, smart phones and tablets. We provide service across all operating systems with precise targeting by geography, user demographics and psychographics to ensure minimal media wastage.

According to Mr. Joshua Maa, Founder & CEO, Madhouse, “We see tremendous growth and potential in India and are fully committed to investing in this market. With the right local partners, we believe that our technology and operational expertise can be leveraged to serve the unique mobile marketing needs of clients. In China, we have been working with partners such as Rovio, EA, China Unicom’s app store, and ad agencies to continually grow our leadership position. Similarly in India, we value our association with local partners to help develop and take leadership in this market.”

“Mobile Advertising is beginning to transform the way brands communicate with their consumers. Madhouse will offer mobile marketing solutions created and carried out for advertisers by a team of experienced media professionals that understand this medium. On a technical level, mobile advertising can now achieve accurate intelligent targeting and can provide real-time reporting – a very convincing proposition for advertisers. The need of the hour is to unlock the potential and we are determined to change the face of the Indian Digital Media Landscape and grow the mobile media market from 125 to 1,000 crores within the next 3 years,” said Mr. Vinod Thadani, Chief Operating Officer, Madhouse India.

Mr. Ranjan Kapur, Country Manager, WPP explained, “Digital Media is evolving and innovating at a very fast pace in India where especially Mobile and handheld devices are poised to play a larger role in marketing communications. Madhouse India will help us build a unique value for our clients where in-depth domain and brand understanding is coupled with the strength of Madhouse technologies.”

"We are very excited about the growing popularity of Rovio′s Angry Birds brand in India as we recognize India as one of our most important markets. India being the second largest Facebook country with a huge growth rate, it opens the door for us to entertain even more fans as we are aiming for 1 billion downloads by the end of the year.” said Mr. Bijay Gurung, Key Account Director, Rovio Entertainment Ltd., “Madhouse is a valuable partner for us in China, and we are excited about the opportunity to extend our collaboration to India as well."